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Line Banded?

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Registered: ‎19-04-2020

Line Banded?

Hi, i've got an FTTC connection in a rural area.  The average speed for about 2 years was 10.5-12 mb download speed which was fine.  In December last year there was a fault that was fixed, the line has been stable since but the speed isn't increasing (its about 5mb download), its like the banding is stuck? 


The minimum speed for my line has been lowered to 3.8mb, so the 5mb i'm getting is above that hence Openreach don't seem interested.


My contract is up in May & i've been offered a good deal to stay with Plusnet, the trouble is if the speed is still low (5mb) i've got no choice but to join BT so I can go through the USO 10mb minimum scheme (which is silly as the line was above that before the fault last year).


Is there anything Plusnet can do to try & get the speed back to where it was (over 10mb)?