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Lag and drop outs

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Lag and drop outs

I currently have a FTTP service on a 80/20 package.  In the past few weeks, I;m experiencing a massive lag when attempting to connect to a website.  For example, connecting to will take in excess of 10 seconds to load.  That said, once I'm there, it responds like I'd expect it to. will take in excess of 30 seconds to find a server, but once it does, ping comes in at 16ms with download and upload typically coming in at 72/20.

In addition, I'm frequently getting a 'you're not connected to the internet' whilst browsing the internet and whilst working (I'm using a VPN connection at home).  After several refreshes, the page then loads.  This is happening more and more.

I haven;t changed any network infrastructure at home and the above happens on both a wired (when I'm working) and wireless connections.

Can you check and advise please?  Let me know if you require any further information.

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Re: Lag and drop outs

Yep, it's happening for a lot of us. Having a few drop outs today too as are a few people it seems.

Guess we just have to wait as support with be limited now but they do usually help and are really good with that.

My guess is they're going to have to do something at their side as this problem has occurred all of a sudden for a few people it seems (see my post here:

I think it's best to let Plusnet attend to it and wit it out kinda thing Smiley