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LLUMS case, intermittent//no broadband

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Registered: ‎19-07-2019

LLUMS case, intermittent//no broadband

Hi Plusnet,


Currently the broadband is unstable due to the fibre port in the cabinet being faulty and there's no new ports to put me on. This means that I have had no internet last week and intermittent connections this week because I am still on the faulty port. This has been highly disruptive as I am suppose to be working from home but last week I had no connection at all. 


To my understanding from my various calls to Plusnet, I'm basically waiting for someone at BT to address the LLUMS case and fix it.


I'm am concerned because one of the Plusnet support specialists have told me that a LLUMS case normally takes at least several weeks, and with the lockdown going on I was advised that this could take even longer. At the moment it looks like I have internet, but since I am on a faulty port this means that the broadband could break at any time. I am supposed to work from home with an unreliable connection that can cut off at any time, and to think I have to endure this for several more weeks is quite depressing.


I would appreciate it if this issue can be relayed to the necessary people to be dealt with in a satisfactory time.


Many thanks!