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Just curious..

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Just curious..

I have the unlimited fibre package, and was wondering if i actually have fibre as my download speeds for items are usaully 2mb/sec with wired connection when my package says a much higher rate. We never got an engineer out to our home or anything, Im just curious as ive been a loyal customer for a couple of years now. Please reply with as much information as possible..

I've checked the Router settings at, And it says downstream 39.99mb but Im not getting those speeds when downloading.. It just doesnt feel like i have fibre internet, I've had it before with different companies and it's felt alot faster...

Thanks again.. yours sincerly, dawn

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Re: Just curious..

Could you go onto a speed test site and post the results which will help.
The only one I can think of from memory, is

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Re: Just curious..

What kind of files are you downloading and where from e.g. always from the same place or different sites?


I am not assuming, but I note that you put the download speed as 2mb. The way those letters are capitalised indicated the data amount:


MB is Megabyte

Mb is Megabit


A 40Mb connection, which is what you’re reporting to have, should provide download speed of up to 5MB/sec but only in ideal circumstances. Small files will not sustain the download long enough usually for the connection to reach its peak download rate. Also, it depends where you’re downloading from as some sites cap download rates to manage capacity for their file servers.


So I am curious what your download rate actually is. As suggested, use to get an indication of speeds you’re getting. Bear in mind if you’re using WiFi then your final speed may well be lower.

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Re: Just curious..

I normally recommend this one

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Re: Just curious..

Hi there,


I've just tested your line and it seems to be connected at the speeds we'd expect.

Downstream Speed 40.0 Mbps

Upstream Speed 2.0 Mbps


Can you ensure you stop all activity on the connection as we're seeing a fair bit of usage that could cause speedtests to show slow and then try a BT Speedtest at

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