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Just another voice for the upload speed

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Registered: ‎26-11-2016

Just another voice for the upload speed

Overall I do get a good service on the 40/2 Fibre service here, with steady speeds of around 37/1.9 most times.


However, I do want to join with the others in voicing my opinion of the upload speed. In the main it doesn't cause too many issues for me, but it does feel like there's penny pinching going on here. For the sake of customer happiness, and perhaps to live up to your over-the-top customer service advertising, I feel this speed should be increased a little.


I must admit, I did get a bit caught out with this one when I joined, as it's not very clear that there is a very low upload speed in the documentation you get, or in any of the normal 'info' panels while you're looking at packages to choose.


Even though it's not generally an issue, it does cause performance frustrations with things like Photo sharing and iTunes Match (I use predominantly Apple iCloud media sharing), which rely on being uploaded and synchronised frequently. They do work, but it takes time.

I don't really want to pay more for the Extra option either, as the download speed is just fine as it is, and I'd feel like I'm paying for a relatively small gain in benefit.


Anyway, it's just a point to make, and perhaps one that might sway my choices when it comes time for my contract renewal in a few months time.