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Issues with internet (seems capped) since line issue fixed

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Registered: ‎26-03-2020

Issues with internet (seems capped) since line issue fixed


I had an issue with my line that was resolved today by an Openreach engineer. My router now says I can get the speeds I’m supposed to be getting (45mb down, 9mb up) as I was previously getting 4-5mb down and around 1mb up.

Although the line has now been fixed, I’m now getting the correct upload but only 4-5mb down. It almost seems like it’s capped for some reason - is this usually done when Plusnet detects a fault on the line?

The engineer ran various tests, and I’ve even configured an old router and swapped out my usual TP link router but no joy. I’ve tried wireless and wired.

I can’t currently get anyone on the phone, and the live chat is offline also. I’ve left messages on Twitter but still had no response. I am desperate, as my internet is barely useable and I’m now having to work from home since the lockdown.

Any help would be much appreciated.