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Issue with connecting to the internet.

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Issue with connecting to the internet.

About a month ago my router started having problems auto connecting to the internet. I thought my router was broken somehow, so I tested the router by manually connecting to the internet (just pressing connect on the router homepage) and after 3 to 4 trys it connects. But during the early moring (6:00-7:00) I can manually connect to the internet straight away, on the first go. Can anyone help me out with this as I think there is something wrong with my line?  Undecided
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Re: Issue with connecting to the internet.

Hi there,
Looking at your account there is nothing wrong with your line. The issue is you are turning off your router when you are not using it, this causes issues with reconnecting, meaning you have to login and manually force this to connect (which it will sometimes struggle with). The best way to solve this, is to leave the router on at all times, you may even find you get a boost in speed after leaving the router on solidly during this time.
Thank you.