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[Issue] Variable latency in evenings, recent problem

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Re: [Issue] Variable latency in evenings, recent problem

Not as bad as it was -



But still spiking - going to triple-check my network to see if anythings spiking in traffic


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Re: [Issue] Variable latency in evenings, recent problem

This issue raised it's head again a month or so ago, and I duly raised a ticket to start getting to the bottom of this. Nearly a month on, support are proposing an Openreach engineer visit. 

Ticket number is  #191079087.


My issues are exactly as described in this thread which was fixed recently, and I provided this link within my support ticket.


The thread shows that the person in question also had an engineer visit and shows there is nothing wrong with the physical line. I don't want to waste an Openreach visit to get to the same conclusion as the above. Can something please be done? @Gandalf ?






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Re: [Issue] Variable latency in evenings, recent problem



I had a similar problem ( Reduced throughput in the evenings), went through the usual procedures, declined an engineer visit as the connection was good, Informed it was not an exchange issue, and then after a discussion on the phone, before I had the chance to perform yet more BT tests, the issue disappeared!!

I never got a satisfactory reason for the cause of the problem.

I read the linked thread on your post with interest as the resolution was a change of VLAN


However, the reporting/diagnostic tools are showing no signs of congestion, so I've discussed this with our suppliers quality assurance team and they've agreed to step outside of process on this occasion, arranging to move your circuit to a different VLAN anyway.


I wonder of there is a communications issue between PlustNet & their supplier(s) , whom I assume are OpenReach.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: [Issue] Variable latency in evenings, recent problem

Hi @MattClay, thanks for getting in touch.


When tests aren't locating the cause of an issue, then the next course of action is an engineer so they can go out and test the line in it's entirety to help locate and resolve the cause.


Even though we aren't seeing any issues, I've contacted our Quality Assurance Team to double check your VLAN and they have informed me it's running at well below threshold with no throughput or latency issues seen. As this is the case, we'll need to progress with the engineer visit. If you let us know once you've updated the ticket with your availability, we'll get this picked up for you.

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