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Issue Upgrading

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Registered: ‎07-08-2017

Issue Upgrading

Good evening folks.


Looking for a little help, fibre cabinet has recently gone live in my village but I am unable to upgrade due to 'line length'.

My line has been checked with local engineers (friends of mine) who have confrmned my line to be 1900m and more than close enough for me to upgrade to fibre. The problem is that openreach systems are still showing my line as being >5000m and connected to the exchange in the next village.

I have been over the route with the engineer/friend both walking and via google maps and can physically confirm it is 1900m, (give or take a couple of m). 

How can I push this further? I understand that the folk in the offices can only go by what the system says but i fully trust the knowledge of local engineers (I live in shetland, there is no more than a dozen in the island so they know the lines and have done for years). It's frustrating after 10years of struggling to get 1mb to no have upto 32meg available (although i would be more than happy with a third of that) but unable to get it.

Using the and when i type in my fone number is says line is too long but type in the address and it states I can get 24-32meg.

I can even go as far as the payment page on numerous ISPs only IF i'm taking out a new line or taking over a current line. 

If that is the only route I will go down it, but to save hassle I would rather just push the upgrade.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction here?




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