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Is this a mistake?

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Re: Is this a mistake?

As has been mentioned, we're investigating. There's nothing more we can add right now.

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 Chris Parr
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Re: Is this a mistake?

I assume from the above comment, PN have no timescale for a fix ?

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Re: Is this a mistake?

@Chris wrote:

There's nothing more we can add right now.

Practically, no.


Contractually, however, it's another story.


You and Harry are basically being dumped in it because a bunch of unscrupulous managers didn't think legalities mattered.

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Re: Is this a mistake?


Just to add I also find myself on 40/10.

I have PM'ed my username to Harry B as requested in post 186.



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Re: Is this a mistake?

another here 40/10 based in sussex if that helps

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Re: Is this a mistake?

Any chance of a progress report about analysis of the problem and when a fix is expected?

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Re: Is this a mistake?

I think we can forget it tonight I expect the team have gone home no doubt they will blame BT Openreach for the problem Are well better luck tomorrow

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Re: Is this a mistake?

I've PM'd my details as my average (for a year or two) 35/15 connection is now 35/9. As my down speed is below the 40 cap anyway I doubt I'll see a change in download speed for a 55 cap but I've seen my upload speed halved. But as others have insinuated I also don't understand how this isn't a breach of contract. I had to agree to a new 24 month contract when I wanted to change from the package I was on to the 40/20 so how come it's so easy to just change this on a whim of PN without any consent especially when all I get is a degradation of service?

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Re: Is this a mistake?

So where do the people who received the email saying they'd get 55 who weren't on the 40/20 plan stand?

All we're getting is higher bills with nothing in return! There was nothing in the email that suggested it was only for selected customers!
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Re: Is this a mistake?

@gren1946 wrote:

no doubt they will blame BT Openreach for the problem


There have been many cases where the problem is down to BT, and Plusnet are judged sometimes unfairly on how they sort things out.

But this change looks to be all Plusnet. A chance for them to shine and show they are "committed to customer satisfaction". Instead of that, judging by all the similar complaints, it looks to be turning into the mother of all shambles with one hand not even knowing what the other hand is up to.

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Re: Is this a mistake?

As far as I can see this has been a [-Censored-] up on a monumental scale from start to finish, and whoever in PN management  came up with it has a lot to answer for.

First of all they decide to use a dubious clause in the T&Cs to forcibly downgrade people, counteracting the 'stick' of reduced upload  speed with a 'carrot' of a slightly increased download speed, that many customers can't take advantage of because their lines are already maxxed out at 40Mbps. It doesn't matter what the clause is, or what it says; you can write what ever you want in T&Cs, but it has to be fair and not give all the power to the provider and none to the customer.

Then there is the confusion as to exactly who is going to be affected by it; seems there are customers on 40/2 who haven't got a clue what is happening.

Then there are the huge range of 'offers' that different customers have been tempted with when they have complained, most of which turn out to be no different to the standard offerings. No attempt to hang on to those of us who have been loyal customers for many years.

The final straw is the disaster that has emerged today; the switch over hasn't worked for many customers, PN support don't have a clue what is going on, and there is no indication of how long it is going to take to sort this mess out.

I voted with my feet and have left PN after more than ten years. I wonder how many others have, and how the shareholders will view a mass exodus from what has been one of the fastest growing ISPs in the UK. Unfortunately I recommended PN to many people, and they are looking to me (as someone who is IT savvy) to explain what is going on.

Those of you who have been brave enough to remain, I salute you, and hope things turn out well for you in the future.

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Re: Is this a mistake?

I wonder if Ofcom would be interested in this?



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Re: Is this a mistake?

You can add me to the list of people who were on 40/20    (38/12 in reality in my case) but I am now getting 38/8 on speedtests. Profile on plusnet still says 40Mbs.


I hope the PlusNet inquest is over soon and you can get around to fixing things rather than asking us not to contact you.

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Re: Is this a mistake?

I wasn't actually too dissatisfied until today. I am fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of the extra download speed as my line syncs at 67. And on balance, for me, the extra download speed is marginally better than the reduced upload speed. Technical foulups happen. They could have won a lot a credit from me if they had kept me up to date, in techy detail, with what the problem actually was, what they are doing about it and when they hope to get it sorted.

Going home without giving a final progress report is the sort of customer service we would expect from BT, not Plusnet who (used to) win awards, and only generates formal complaints.

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Re: Is this a mistake?

I am a 40/2 customer, and I had hoped the new 55/10 would apply. I checked this with the Chat help desk as follows below. Clearly the Chat staff haven't had a proper briefing so the confusion grows.

info: You are now chatting with Joseph.
Richard C: Hi

Good morning, i will just access your account now for you,

Richard C: I was told my speed would change to 55 as of 1/8

I will just check for you now,

Richard C: I assume you can see all the above - the earlier conversation, I had refered to an email from PN on changes
Richard C: From 1st August 2016, for some of our Unlimited Fibre customers we are making a change to their upload and download speeds. If you are affected by this change you’ll receive an email letting you know. If you don’t receive a communication from us then your speeds will remain unaffected. Broadband download speeds are important for most of the stuff you do online, such as browsing, streaming TV, watching videos, gaming and downloading files. So for eligible customers we’re increasing the download speed limit of your Unlimited Fibre broadband from up to 38Mb to up to 52Mb‡ , which means you might find your connection gets faster. We’re also making some changes to the maximum upload speed from up to 19Mb to up to 9.4Mb.

Sorry, yes i can, i am looking into this now for you,


It is ongoing process, it is from the 01/08/2016, it will happen soon, just keep an eye on your download speeds over the next week or so. I fit does not change by then by all means do contact us again. But the process is happening for everyone like yourself who received the email.

Richard C: OK thanks, so the 38mbps is being upgraded for all. That is good.

Yes that is correct, is there anything else i can help you with today Mr C******.