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Is there any hope at all?

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Is there any hope at all?

Recently, I learned that my exchange has been upgraded to 'super fast'.  Upon consulting the relevant checkers, it turns out that I'm 'too far away'.


I know I'm some distance away from my exchange (somewhere between 3 and 4Km I guess) and my ADSLMax line syncs at around 4.5Mbps (before IP profile, etc).


Thing is, all I have to do is walk for no longer than 10 seconds in the opposite direction and you find houses that are connected to the local green box.


You see, the village that I live in (which is a stones throw from the closest town), the houses that are on the outer edge are for some reason connected to the /next/ village's exchange.  I wouldn't be surprised if the fibre that feeds that exchange runs right past my door!


I suppose what I'm asking is, seeing that there's probably no chance of Openreach doing something about this out of the kindness of their own heart,  who do I need to hassle to find out how much I would theoretically cost to do something about it.  Perhaps the cost of having a new green box fitted?

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Re: Is there any hope at all?

You would probably be better off making waves at the political level. Start with parish council, then local council, then the county or unitary authority and your MP. Write to the local papers too.


These bodies are responsible for delivering fast broadband so are fair game too.


England, contact your local BDUK.

Scotland, Digital Scotland

Wales, Superfast Wales

Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Broadband Improvement Project