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Is there a way to view Line Stats easily?

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Is there a way to view Line Stats easily?

Using an Asus DSL AC68U, you get some stats logged, but by no means all those shown in these pages. If I return to using the BTO supplied Huwei Modem, it's locked and I don't see any, but is there anywhere to access one's lines stats? Presumably they are held somewhere.
Looking at stats allows one to see what's happening. As a for instance I have had no CRC errors at all for over two days, and no overnight intervention from DLM for about a week. I don't always understand what the stats mean, but since no one else is looking at my line, I feel that I should. My connection isn't what it was for certain, and seemingly as certain is the fact that as far as suppliers are concerned, that doesn't matter. After all, they get paid whilst we use it, whatever the speed, and effort to improve just comes off the bottom line, why would anyone look to add cost?
That said, if customers go elsewhere because better is on offer, there's a need to improve, isn't there? we can but hope.
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Re: Is there a way to view Line Stats easily?

Unlock the HG612  by flashing it with a unlocked firmware there is plenty of details on here as to how and where to get the correct fw