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Is Plusnet Fibre broadband available in Teesside?

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Is Plusnet Fibre broadband available in Teesside?

Sorry if it has already been asked before but i am thinking of ditching virginmedia due to increasing costs and want to know if plusnet actually have the fibre optic broadband version in stockton-on-tees rather than only the one through the phone lines. thanks

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Re: Is Plusnet Fibre broadband available in Teesside?

Have a look here to see what's available.

I must have been really bad in a previous life. This is my 3rd ISP in a row that uses lithium.
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Re: Is Plusnet Fibre broadband available in Teesside?

Thanks for your interest @besonders1 and a warm welcome to the community forums

Using the link above, I believe you'll need to use the Address Checker to check for the available products at your address.

If you're referring to fibre straight to your home, like virgin media, you'll see FTTP under Featured Products.

If it's available and not the On Demand version, you'll need an account with through the normal sales route of either ADSL or FTTC as we're only offering FTTP to existing customers as part of a trial basis.

I hope this helps and please do get back in touch if we can help further.
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Re: Is Plusnet Fibre broadband available in Teesside?



Just to add to Anoush's advice :


Check with BT if you are able to get FTTP using the BT Broadband checker at using the link on the page to the address checker (as Virgin phone numbers are not stored on the BT system)
The results will need to look like this


If the first line of the "Featured Products" says "WBC FTTP" then you can join Plusnet normally as an ADSL customer and then apply to the trial once the ADSL is live.

Another way is to go to the BT Retail website and see if you can buy Infinity 4 from them (FTTP at 330Mbps download). Again use your address not your phone number.

If you can then you can also apply to join the Plusnet trial or use BT or even Zen (the latter 2 offer FTTP as a product not just a trial)

Finally Plusnet only offer 2 speeds for FTTP, 40Mbps down/2Mbps up or 80Mbps down/20Mbps up. Use BT if you want faster.


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Re: Is Plusnet Fibre broadband available in Teesside?

thanks to everyone that responded. I did go to the BT website with my address / postcode and it did say that Infinity 4 was not available so I assume that in my area any broadband services except VM would only be via my phone line.

Another question

I have had sky broadband in the past and my BT mastersocket was in the hallway as when I first moved in, I would prefer it to be in my living room which is the back of the house where there is a powerpoint. I have heard that I could get it moved but would be quite expensive i,e, £150 ish?.

Would it be possible to attach an exension lead that goes from the mastersocket then through the outside wall, all along the brickwork then back into the living room wall. Would the broadband speed still work OK if I used a good quality external drop cable that BT use such as CW1128? I dont want internal wires going round the house like I did last time, this is one of the reasons why I made sure that when VM was installed, they put their master socket in the correct room with no extra charge. I know that I am not allowed to touch Bt's master socket myself but cannot see why you could nmot just plug it into it as long as it does not reduce the performance.  Any suggestions?