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Is Noise Margin manual override possible?

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Is Noise Margin manual override possible?

Hi Plusnet,

My connection is dropping every day or 2 and has been for months. Engineer visit found no faults. It used to me up for months.

I noticed the other day that when the noise margin was 7.3dB the connection was stable for 7 days. After a router reboot it went back to 3dB and now disconnects every day or 2.

The current margin is around 3.5dB (syncing at 73Mbps). When the margin was 7.3dB the line appeared more stable and the sync was around 54Mbps I think.

Is it possible to manually raise the lower noise margin threshold? I can forego some speed if stability improved.

I appreciate a drop every day or 2 does not constitute 'a problem' by your definition (3 or more drops in 24hrs OR 6 or more in 72hrs), but when working from home on video calls it's not really workable.

Re. Question #208569319 which has been open since November but not really making progress.

Many thanks,

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Re: Is Noise Margin manual override possible?

Hi @markr77

Openreach have three DLM stability levels which trade speed against stability.

Plusnet default to the fastest speed profile.
So yes it is possible to trade some speed for stability.
The difficulty will be in gett8ng a change actioned by PN.
I doubt most of the front line support would be aware of the different Openreach profiles.

Perhaps a polite DM to @Gandalf would work?
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Re: Is Noise Margin manual override possible?

Customer services did request a change to my stability profile last week, from speed to standard, which they say should have gone through. Unfortunately I don't seem to have a way of knowing if it has actually been changed. SNR margin in router stats hasn't changed much and line still disconnects. Looks like one disconnect every day wouldn't effect the DLM anyway from that link.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Is Noise Margin manual override possible?

Thanks for your post @markr77 

I can confirm you're on the Standard stability profile (*More accurately "Stable") as of the 5th January. As there's been no noticeable change, I've increased this further to the Super Stable profile which should start to take effect as of tomorrow but it generally can take 7-14 days for DLM to gradually apply the change.

Fingers crossed this sorts as I can't see there being much more we can do bar sending another engineer to investigate further although with the number of drops within tolerance, there may not be anything they'll be able to do.

*For the sake of clarity as it may cause confusion down the line, BT's terminology of the profiles are Standard, Stable and Super Stable, which are the equivalent of Openreach's Speed, Standard and Stable. 

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