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Is +30ms extra cause for concern?

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Is +30ms extra cause for concern?

Hi. I've had fibre at my new property, a fresh install, for a month or two and did some tests when it was first installed to see how stable it was to make sure me and my one other housemate could do what we wanted and not have to worry it would affect our gaming. The speed was great.

We did some ping tests checking for variance and packet loss whilst doing various things. Downloading a game from Steam at full speed. Downloading at half speed. Watching 1080p streams. Watching 720p YouTube videos. General web surfing. Downloading small files. Streaming on Twitch. Uploading a big video to YouTube.

We basically concluded our ping didn't change at all which was amazing. It only increased by say 20ms downloading through Steam (oddly Steam download speeds are higher than what speedtest tells me my speed is, truely amazing Steam is, so this is understandable). To be safe we both capped our download rates on Steam,, etc.

Last week or two my gaming has been affected a lot by my housemate just watching a streamer on Twitch! Thing is, most games you could hardly notice but playing Quake and Melee you can REALLY see it and it causes stuttering. I've set up a thinkbroadband quality monitor just to see. Should I be worried? Is it just the footy going on? Not a massive complaint but it's definitely affecting me negatively.

Also side note, where can I learn about interleaving, noise, other line stat stuff. Any way to make my line more stable at the cost of speed? Because we don't care about the speed.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Is +30ms extra cause for concern?

Hi @asnuggets,

I'm sorry to see that you're experiencing these issues. I've taken a look into your account today and from what I can see the connection appears to be stable (as the graph below shows) and the speeds going into the property appear to be fine, with you currently achieving a Sync Rate of 61Mbps download and 16.7Mbps upload speeds.

As this is the case, there's not a whole lot that can be done from our side of things as there doesn't appear to be a fault with the line and I' afraid that when it comes to ping rates and latency this is out of our control as more often than not the issue lies between the router and the server it's trying to connect to.

From what you've posted, there's a strong chance that the difference in the services that you're seeing lately are due to the streams being watched at the same time as you playing online games and depending on the quality that the stream is being played at and even if the chat is moving very fast on the side bar this could be affecting the connection to the game servers/other players more so.

One thing I would suggest, if you aren't already, is to connect the console up to the router via an ethernet cable if possible, as this will massively help with the stability of a lot of online games, not to mention it provides a more stable connection than wireless connections anyway.

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