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Internet through cable fine but WiFi off altogether

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Internet through cable fine but WiFi off altogether

I have had problems with plusnet internet on and off for a year now. I finally got myself an ethernet cable long enough to reach my office from the hub.
So, now the story is follows: Internet through cable, solid, good and fast. Internet through wifi poor as follows:
Through the mid week, roughly works but can be slow.
Weekends very very slow to completely off as it is now. The devices can 'see' the hub but no connection at all. Turning off for 5mins then turning on again works for about half an hour before it goes again. No matter how many devices - one to three maximum when the kids are here. Still the same.
Been to Cust Service and always asked if I was connected via cable - well I am now.
What to do to improve things?
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Re: Internet through cable fine but WiFi off altogether

PlusNet aren't going to be able to improve your wif-fi coverage - you will need a wi-fi extender. The Edimax N300 is cheap (£14.99 from Amazon) and easy to set up. If you want dual band (2.4Ghz & 5GHz) try the Edimax N300+. There are other options of course but I have only tried the Edimax.