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Internet location is wrong on all apps

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Internet location is wrong on all apps

I've recently noticed my internet location on all the apps I use that require location is wrong.
My phone detects me in Newport and worse Cardiff. Both 10 and 20 miles away.
If i switch data and GPS off leaving WiFi and fibre only it detects me as Newport or Cardiff. Not helpful or correct. On the odd occasion if I do a Google search and at the bottom of page I can correct it to precise location but it's not very often and even says Rogerstone.. Please can someone help or tell me if somehow my fibre line or router or ip??? Is mis reporting my location ?
I live in Portishead
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Re: Internet location is wrong on all apps

Location accuracy using your mobile carrier for apps can be quite accurate - depending on your mobile network and what phone you are using.  Think about how accurate it is if you use Google maps on the move.

As for whilst using your Internet connection at home: I don't believe any provider will be that accurate because it was never designed to work that way. Please someone correct me If I am wrong.  

If you got to it will tell you where the look up location is for that address. Try it whilst at friends and families and you will see it is never accurate.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Internet location is wrong on all apps

Hi @Portishead200,

As @raoulsilva has suggested, your location won't always be exactly accurate and is based on the general location of the IP Address in use at the time. 

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