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Internet keeps dropping

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Internet keeps dropping

Hi there,
At most times during days and evening my internet connection will drop randomly. If we browsing on one device then it runs really slow on second device. Devices work better and faster when connected personal phone hot spot. This happens on multiple devices that are connected. Occasionally a flashing orange symbol will appear on the router. It is VERY FRUSTRATING and IMAPCT FAMILY Dynamic - spoil video calls, kids channel, spoil movies and regular online browsing online on desktop. We have stopped using desktop but really some cant live with desktop. it is permanently damaged.
Any help would be appreciated and I need Compensation for services offline.
If you can’t permanently fixed this then I would like to cancel this service.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Internet keeps dropping

Sorry to hear you're having issues.

I'm afraid that we're not seeing any issues remotely with your connection only having had 3 drops over the past week as shown below.

In addition, your line is testing fine too with your router currently connected to the cabinet at 38.2mbps which should be more than enough for multiple devices to use the connection. Do most of your devices normally connect over Wi-Fi?

If so I'd recommend going through the guides here to try and improve your connection. Let us know how you get on

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team