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Internet dropping out randomly

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Internet dropping out randomly



I switched over from BT fibre in January and have been having problems all the time. We do use a lot of broadband throughout the day, streaming tv etc. I presumed with the Plusnet hub technically being the same as the BT Home hub, we would get the same service.

We are forever having to disconnect and use Data on my phone when within the wifi range at home as the wifi keeps stopping. 

I am guessing it is a WIFI issue, however, we never had the same issues with the BT hub.


The hub is plugged via the main telephone port via a microfilter. There doesn't seem to be any issue with the phone line.

Can anyone advise what to do now? Should I just switch back to my old BT home hub?

Thanks Lyndsey

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Re: Internet dropping out randomly


Welcome to the forums.

I would suggest trying the BT Hub you have as it will eliminate the Plusnet Hub One as the source of the issue or prove it is if the fault goes away. Plusnet normally ask you to try using another router if you have access to one to help fault find anyway.

This thread shows how to setup the BT Home Hub for use on Plusnet with the information you require shown in the 1st post