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Internet dropping out intermittently

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Registered: ‎07-10-2020

Internet dropping out intermittently

The issue I’m having is with the Plusnet internet intermittently dropping out.

I can confirm its not the WiFi, but the connection to the internet.


The issue is at a rental house, with 6 tenants living there, and I’m paying for Unlimited Fiber Extra with 72.8 Mbps

Before I had Plusnet, I had BT broadband and found this speed to be more than adequate with no issues.

A few months back I changed over from BT to Plusnet and had issues straight away with the Plunet route, over the WiFi signal not being strong enough around the house and kept dropping out. I reported this to Plusnet who sent me a replacement router, but this too had the same issue. After searching the internet and speaking with Plusnet support, who suggested I put the BT Smart HUB-5 back on to resolve the signal issue. This I did and it all worked fine until about 4 months ago when the internet started to drop out intermittently.

I’ve contacted Plusnet a number of times, who have tested the line but found no faults, well they won’t do as the fault is intermittent. Plusnet also keep saying that as they can’t find a fault when testing, then the issue must be with the WiFi. I’ve informed tech support that I can confirm the issue is not the WiFi, as I’ve connected a laptop to the router via a CAT5 cable and can see the internet drop out. Also the status lights on the BT router changes to a steady orange, this indicates the hub is working but has no internet connection.

After raising this with tech support again, it was requested I test the BT socket by removing the face plate. This was done over 2 months ago, but still the connection keeps dropping out.

A number of tenants are now wanting to move, due to them not being able to work from the house. I’m at my wits end trying to convince Plusnet that the although the issue is intermittent, it’s happening enough to be a problem for my tenants, and its not the WiFi but the line.

Any suggestions from anyone on how to get this ridiculous situation sorted would be much appreciated.