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Internet down since Thursday, stopping us working from home

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Internet down since Thursday, stopping us working from home

Hi, I'm hoping someone at Plusnet can see this and help me out, as I'm at my wit's end.


We've been having problems on and off with our fibre connection, but we've left it as it usually came back on after a while. However, over the last week it's been a shambles, and we're not getting any help getting it fixed.


Last Friday (2nd Feb) our fibre dropped out on Friday evening, and we were assured that it was because there was work being carried out on the line. It was scheduled to come back on about 1pm on the 3rd Feb, but it didn't come back until around 6pm.


We thought that was the end of it, but last Thursday (8th Feb) the internet dropped out AGAIN. We called the customer service line, and were told it was a router issue, and so we were going to be sent a new one (after being charged £6.99 for the postage!). We ended up buying one ourselves on the 9th Feb, as my partner works from home and it's vital she has a live connection, or she can't deliver work or get paid. 

On installing the new router, we found this one didn't work either. We tried the new Plusnet router today, as it arrived, and of course this one won't work either. 

The official line from Plusnet on this has been that it's an 'authentication issue'. No explanation on what that means or how you're going to fix it. Yesterday, you said you were going to call us back today after doing a ROOF (?) test. Today, we called at 2pm and sat on hold for an hour, to be told we shouldn't have been promised any such thing. When I explained we've already been without internet for 2 days and we're getting worried as my partner CANNOT WORK without the internet, the advisor was incredibly rude and insinuated it was our fault as we have no 'backup' for when our internet goes down, although I thought if I'm paying for this I shouldn't be without internet for days at a time?


I am shocked and disgusted by the level of service we have received. I pay good money and have never missed a payment with Plusnet. However, we're still going to be without the internet until Monday at the earliest, IF the engineer who comes can fix it. Quite frankly, I'm not holding my breath. 


Right now, we're looking into other providers as Plusnet have proven they'll take my money but won't actually provide the service I pay for. Can anyone here please help me get my internet back up and running this weekend?!

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Re: Internet down since Thursday, stopping us working from home

What level of service are you paying for?

If it's business you really need to go here.

I must have been really bad in a previous life as this was my 3rd ISP in a row that used lithium.
Now you're stuck with me because my new ISP doesn't run a forum Cheesy
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Internet down since Thursday, stopping us working from home

Apologies for the delayed response.

I can see our Faults team are investigating this for you.

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