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Internet disconnecting every day around the same time period

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Internet disconnecting every day around the same time period

Been using Plusnet for a while now, it works quite well most of the time but lately the internet kept disconnecting in the evening, usually after 10pm. It's really annoying especially when doing something important! 

Even when it come back up it will lag a lot then it will settle back down to normal around 1 so that is like 3 hours of internet disconnecting or bad internet in general.


Anyone can help fix this? I want to keep using Plusnet but if this doesn't get fixed then I might have to switch to other provider...

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Re: Internet disconnecting every day around the same time period

this could be due to electrical interference either in your home or somwhere along the line between your home and the exchange.

Do you have anything in your home on a timer that switches on or off at around the time you loose connection?

Do you have noise on our phone line? You should check this as well . Does the conenction fail if anyone calls you or you call out?

I'd advise loggin into your router and checking the logs to get a record of disconnections and post it here ( making sure you don't include any personal or sensitive information)  and then asking plus net if their records can duplicate the disconnection by asking for a radius test result to be posted here.

Unless you have a faulty router that for some reason reglarly looses conection it's unlikely to be down to  Plus Nets fault, but go ahead and report a fault  and see what they say .

Simply changing provider isn't going to clear your problem, Look for the cause with help from the Forum members and PN , first.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Internet disconnecting every day around the same time period


Hi @dannywong1997


Thanks for getting in touch.


Here's the history of your connection over the last 30 days:



As you can see, there's only one (potentially two) drop(s) during the time frame that you've reported over the last month. With this in mind I'd be inclined to suggest that your problem probably relates to either a wifi issue or is being caused by something outside the BT network.


Out of interest, do you still see this issue if you're connected via ethernet during those times? Have you had the opportunity to run through the wifi troubleshooting here?


Best Wishes,



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 Dave G
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