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Internet Idle Tiimeout

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Internet Idle Tiimeout

Since last Thursday when I had to move some kit for cleaning etc and rebooted the router I've been suffering random (to my eyes) disconnects even when I'm using it. It's becoming very annoying.
The router log shows this:
[Internet idle-timeout] Sunday, February 08,2015 10:35:36
[Internet idle-timeout] Sunday, February 08,2015 00:28:48
[Internet idle-timeout] Saturday, February 07,2015 00:40:39
[Internet idle-timeout] Friday, February 06,2015 11:15:19
[Internet idle-timeout] Friday, February 06,2015 00:28:24
Between the usual DOS Attacks  Smiley
On 80/20 unlimited fibre at full speed and totally reliable for the last 2 years.
Any ideas ?
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Re: Internet Idle Tiimeout

What do you have your timeout set to ? Usually setting it to zero will keep a constant connection (if I've got the right setting !)