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Internet Frequently Drops

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Internet Frequently Drops

Below will be a long explanation of the situation: TLDR: 2 years constant connection - now 5-20 internet drops per day - Ideas on fixing?



I'm a long term PlusNet customer; at my most recent property I have had a constant stable connection for almost 2 years.


The past few months have been hell, with constant internet drops. I have had numerous Engineer Visits from OpenReach, who have replaced my Telephone Master socket (From a stylish - matches my decoration, to an ugly & stands 4 inches off the wall 'Standard' socket). I allowed this out of pure frustration, my old socket had provided perfect connection for years. The new one, if anything provides a worse output.


The Engineer then suggested it was a PlusNet Router issue, when requesting a replacement PlusNet Customer Support wanted to charge me for it. Clearly I was not paying, and after asking for a credit note on my account (As I am without service for over a month) they deemed it fair to send me a free replacement router and no credit for my actual lack of service. 


I am glad I didn't pay for a replacement, as this was not the issue. And now I am still without service. Again, I had an engineer out who stated that there was a software update in the green cabinets and PlusNet was having issues with it. I thought this was quite speculative seeing no massive reports online about such issues.


I have now temporarily relocated from Leeds to Doncaster (Family visit so I can work with stable internet!), and to my surprise my family is also with PlusNet and has also recently started getting intermittent drops. This adds validity to the above story of the engineer, which really does make me wonder.


Fixes Attempted:

  1. Master Socket Replaced
  2. Router Replaced
  3. Non-PlusNet Router tested
  4. Green Cabinet line swapped
  5. 5Ghz Wifi switched off on Router & Devices
  6. Limited device usage tested
  7. Multiple Engineer connection tests (Useless since it is an intermittent issues, unless we have him connected all day!)

Any advise on getting this resolved would be great. Is it time to switch provider?






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Community Gaffer
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Re: Internet Frequently Drops

Welcome first of all to our community forums @Rob_404_Error (Love the username btw)

I'm really sorry to see the issues you've had. Line tests are showing a fault on your line again "Impairment in copper joint detected most likely close to customer premises" so we'd need to arrange another engineer to investigate further.

I've raised a new fault ticket on your account, could you respond by logging in through our website and going Here with your availability for a visit? I'm taking this on personally moving forward so I'll stay with it until it's hopefully all sorted. 

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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