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Internet Drop outs during teams calls

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Internet Drop outs during teams calls

The wifi connection has been split into 2.4 and 5 GHz but despite this I am having issues with the connection being disrupted and dropping out during teams calls in the daytime, this is when no other devices are connected to the router. I have tried using an extender and without extender but this doesn't seem to fix the issue. 


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Re: Internet Drop outs during teams calls

Teams calls with video over an ADSL connection are likely to have problems - there just isn't enough upstream bandwidth. That is one of the reasons I abandoned ADSL in favour of 4G.

Depending on your connection speed you may find Teams will be more stable if you have your video turned off (although that rather defeats one of the advantages of Teams).

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Re: Internet Drop outs during teams calls

I've been looking into this and the tests aren't showing any issues with the broadband signal going into your router at a download speed of 65.5mbps and an upload speed of 20mbps (I've asked the mods to move your thread to the fibre board), the broadband connection's been stable with no drops for the last 15 days too.

Are your devices connecting onto the 2.4GHz or 5GHz when you're having issues?

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Re: Internet Drop outs during teams calls

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