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Intermittent router disconnects

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Intermittent router disconnects

My router disconnects every day or two with

13:21:38, 13 Sep.(972238.960000) PPPoE is down after 8980 minutes uptime [Waiting for Underlying Connection (WAN Ethernet 7 -​ Down)]
13:21:34, 13 Sep.(972235.350000) PPP LCP Send Termination Request [User request]


It reconnects after a minute or two, but it is inconvenient when this happens during a conference call (which happened today).  Does anyone know why it might do this?  The log above appears to suggest it is user initiated which it isn't...


Here is the router status page:


Information for Helpdesk agents
When contacting the Plusnet Broadband helpdesk, the agent might ask you for details about your Plusnet Hub. This page contains all of the information they are likely to request.
1. Product name:Plusnet Hub
2. Serial number:+081441+NQ01783693
3. Firmware version:Software version Last updated Unknown
4. Board version:Plusnet Hub One
5. DSL uptime:0 days, 04:13:42
6. Data rate:18759 / 54877
7. Maximum data rate:18763 / 53867
8. Noise margin:6.2 / 5.8
9. Line attenuation:18.8 / 15.0
10. Signal attenuation:18.2 / 14.7
11. Data sent/received:62.8 GB / 227.2 GB
12. Broadband
13. 2.4 GHz Wireless network/SSID:PLUSNET-THMK
14. 2.4 GHz Wireless connections:Enabled (802.11 b/g/n (up to 144 Mb/s))
15. 2.4 GHz Wireless security:WPA2
16. 2.4 GHz Wireless channel:Automatic (Smart Wireless)
17. 5 GHz Wireless network/SSID:PLUSNET-THMK
18. 5 GHz Wireless connections:Enabled (802.11 a/n/ac (up to 1300 Mb/s))
19. 5 GHz Wireless security:WPA2
20. 5 GHz Wireless channel:Automatic (Smart Wireless)
21. Firewall:Default
22. MAC Address:64:66:24:df:ea:10
23. Modulation:G.993.2 Annex B
24. Software variant:AA
25. Boot loader:1.0.0


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Re: Intermittent router disconnects

The key here is the 'DSL uptime' value. If that resets when the line drops then the issue is with the underlying connection between your router and the local cabinet. The router may be reporting that it's terminating your session (User request) because the underlying data connection isn't there anymore.
This assumes that you've no 'system start' events in the log around the time of a drop; that would suggest the router is physically restarting. Have you noticed what the status lights do when this happens?

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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Re: Intermittent router disconnects

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Re: Intermittent router disconnects

Thanks Bob


Yes DSL uptime resets to 0 after one of these drop outs.

The router status light turns flashing orange.

There are no system start events around the same time (the last was several weeks ago)

What would you advise - would this indicate some sort of wiring fault?