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Intermittent Internet Fibre Extra

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Registered: ‎26-02-2021

Intermittent Internet Fibre Extra

I joined Plusnet in January and for the past month have been receiving nothing but intermittent connections. I raised the issue with customer service and with the technical team and after a few weeks of back and forth contact, they raised the issue with the supplier (BT/OPENREACH)

The engineer visited yesterday (25/02/2021) and found a fault a few meters away which was I suspect the telephone pole which he ascended, he replaces cables and sockets to make sure that nothing was left undone and also assigned me a new fibre port in the junction box but today the connections have dropped more times then I can count again.

I work from home and without a stable internet connection my work system logs me out every time there is no internet (Security) this is causing a great issue with my ability to do anything and risking my work in the process.

I am now having to wait until early next week for someone from Plusnet to contact me regarding booking a second engineer to come out, part of me wishes I had stayed with Virgin and never gone to Plusnet.

Has anyone else had this issue?