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Intermitent disconnections

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Registered: ‎29-10-2020

Intermitent disconnections

Hello! 😀

I do have a ticket open with Plusnet at the moment, but I wanted to share my experiences of my issues to see if anyone has had similar issues, and to see what potentially could be causing this.

I have been with Plusnet for years and years, with no issues. Last Thursday started to get disconnections at random times in the day, the internet will re-connect again after around a minute. 


Some Basic Information:

Area: Bath & North East Somerset

Package: Unlimited Fibre 30Mbps

Router: Netgear Router R7000

Modem: VDSL/ADSL DM200



Time DisconnectedTime Reconnected
Thu 29th Oct 17:36Thu 29th Oct 17:37
Thu 29th Oct 17:34Thu 29th Oct 17:35
Thu 29th Oct 17:31Thu 29th Oct 17:32
Thu 29th Oct 17:29Thu 29th Oct 17:30
Thu 29th Oct 07:35
Thu 29th Oct 07:35
Thu 29th Oct 06:50Thu 29th Oct 06:52
Thu 29th Oct 04:22Thu 29th Oct 04:23
Thu 29th Oct 04:07
Thu 29th Oct 04:08
Thu 29th Oct 04:03
Thu 29th Oct 04:04
Thu 29th Oct 03:31Thu 29th Oct 03:32
Thu 29th Oct 03:28
Thu 29th Oct 03:28
Thu 29th Oct 03:05Thu 29th Oct 03:06
Thu 29th Oct 02:58
Thu 29th Oct 02:58
We 28th Oct 16:07
We 28th Oct 16:11
We 28th Oct 14:11
We 28th Oct 14:12
We 28th Oct 14:05
We 28th Oct 14:05
We 28th Oct 13:39
We 28th Oct 13:39
We 28th Oct 13:35
We 28th Oct 13:36
Fri 23 Oct 18:22Fri 23 Oct 18:23
Fri 23 Oct 12:44
Fri 23 Oct 12:45
Fri 23 Oct 11:21
Fri 23 Oct 11:21
Fri 23 Oct 9:04
Fri 23 Oct 10:19
Fri 23 Oct 9:01
Fri 23 Oct 9:01
Fri 23 Oct 8:54
Fri 23 Oct 8:56
Fri 23 Oct 8:46
Fri 23 Oct 8:48
Thu 22 Oct 20:43
Thu 22 Oct 20:44
Thu 22 Oct 20:36
Thu 22 Oct 20:37
Thu 22 Oct 20:19
Thu 22 Oct 20:20
Thu 22 Oct 20:06
Thu 22 Oct 20:06
Thu 22 Oct 20:04
Thu 22 Oct 20:04

Last disconnection before this was March 3rd.

What has been tested / tried:

  • We unplugged the Netgear Router + Modem, used the default Plusnet Router for a day, same disconnections occured.
  • We have plugged the Modem into the Test Socket, same disconnections.
  • Plusnet have run a basic line test remotley and found no issues.
  • We replaced the filter with the filter supplied by Plusnet.

The next step is Plusnet is sending an engineer on site to see if he can find an issue, but I'm not confident he will be able to find anything. Any ideas what maybe causing something like this?