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Interleaving forced?

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Interleaving forced?

When I was with TalkTalk they could set interleaving or fastpath in my profile.


I'm told by Plusnet support that this cannot be explicitly set.

I've had FastPath always in this property (10 years).

I am only a couple of hundred meters from my cabinet, which is only a few hundred meters from the exchange.

I've had intermittent disconnect problems but the many engineers that have visited over the last couple of years (yes, I've have intermittent problems for a long time) have always noted the line quality is excellent and my equipment is excellent.  Intermittent issues have been fixed with actions like lift-and-shifts and upgrades at the exchange, nothing at my end has been needed though I have over the years eliminated possible issues by having the latest master socket and high quality cabling and equipment installed.

It seems to me that the interleaving is being used to attempt to mask any issues on my line as if it were 'unstable' rather than attempt to find the real reason for recent intermittent latency and packet loss issues and disconnects.

I am still getting occasional latency variation and packet loss, though no disconnects for a few days, so it's not even wholly successful as a sticking plaster effort.

What can I do to get FastPath back and/or get my intermittent issues investigated properly?

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Re: Interleaving forced?

My understanding of it is:


BT use DLM exclusively and it manages your profile and can't be completely disabled. From what I've been reading BT do not allow fibre connections to change interleaving and it must be managed by DLM.


The difference with Talk Talk is that they allow each profile they have available to be either set with interleaving or without it and without DLM.


Also plusnet only offer BT Wholesale lines.

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Re: Interleaving forced?


HI @disposalist


Thanks for getting in touch.


I can see that my colleague has provided a response regarding fastpath via your open fault ticket here. As things stand, your fault ticket has been left open at your request so that you can monitor the connection - if you'd like us to re-engage our suppliers in terms of your line stablity, just let us know.


Best wishes