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Interleaving down but fastpath up...

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Interleaving down but fastpath up...

Hello everyone I have a question  my conx is a bit odd I think I had fastpath up am down but some how now interleaving down but fastpath up isn't it supposed to be the same up a  down as in fastpath on both an also does a static ip address hinder dlm resets have see  this flying about recently?  But if one of the mods can order a reset to fast on both of my profiles would be great....

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Re: Interleaving down but fastpath up...

@john_tandy  It is quite normal for the up and downstream to be different with regards to interleaving. It all depends on the line conditions. Also I far as I am aware having a static IP address has no influence on DLM resets, its main effect is to cap your downstream speed to the Plusnet Current line speed value. You will only be able to get a DLM reset if your line is banded, that is capped at a lower than expected speed and Plusnet have no control over interleaving/fastpath on FTTC lines.