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Incorrect IP Profile from PN

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Incorrect IP Profile from PN

Can PN staff please match my BT IP Profile at 76.4 Mb as it still capped at PN end at 72.6 Mb


IP Profile for your line is - 76.45 Mbps but PN still capped profile on my line at 72.6 Mbps at their end with throughput speed of 70.56Mbps (from BTw speedtester)


My router stats are


Downstream Upstream
Line attenuation (dB): 11.8 0.0
Signal attenuation (dB): Not available on VDSL2
Connection speed (kbps): 79069 19999
SNR margin (dB): 6.4 15.1
Power (dBm): 12.4 0.4
Interleave depth: 8 1
INP: 48.00 0
G.INP: Enabled Not enabled


BTw speedtest for IP ProfileBTw speedtest for IP Profile

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Incorrect IP Profile from PN



That's been updated for you and should be noticeable almost immediately. 

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