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Inconsistant streaming

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Registered: ‎06-12-2019

Inconsistant streaming

I am having issues with multiple streaming sites such as youtube, netflix and twitch stuttering and buffering both on WiFi & cable connection.  Speedtest results are:

Server: Talk Straight - Ilkley (id = 23604)
        ISP: Plusnet
    Latency:    21.17 ms   (0.82 ms jitter)
   Download:    35.51 Mbps (data used: 55.1 MB)
     Upload:    11.80 Mbps (data used: 15.0 MB)

This has been happening regular over the past 5 days.

Can someone look in to this?

NOTE:  I CANNOT test via the master socket, I have a router and a fibre modem and neither have the correct connection.  The last time I posted here no one from Plusnet even bothered with my post and when I did get to someone via another method it was also weeks before they got back to me to tell me that they found nothing and that I had an old setup.