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Implications of going non-static

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Implications of going non-static

I have read in Plusnet's forums that there are extra things to go wrong when one has a static IP.  Is there anything in that? (I read something about two levels of "profiles", one of which has less to do with one's copper line, and more to do with the ISP route to it. Could be confused.)

What sort of things can go wrong?  Is it something specific to FTTC?


I am considering asking for my static IP to be unstatic-ified. I have never made much use of it, and any simplifation is welcome.  (A problem may be thinkbroadband's BQM. I have this set-up, I think, with a * hostname based on a PN-given name, rather that an IP address. It seems to work, as far as I can tell, though I've little evidence it might not. In any case, life would be liveable without TBB BQM.


Have I overlooked any Pro's and Con's?


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Re: Implications of going non-static

Your TBB me monitor will stop working as the hostname will change everything you reconnect. However you can set up dynamic DNS. I use You can create a free hostname, only catch is you have to reregister every 30 days. You then set your router up to log into you dynamic DNS account and send updates to your hostname when the IP address changes. The final step is to point the TBB monitor at the dynamic DNS hostname.