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Im pulling my hair out !!

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Im pulling my hair out !!

I have recently upgraded to fibre at 28.99 a month but I am very very unhappy. Firstly I was unaware that the fibre was the basic one (wasn't told there was more than 1) and secondly my signal/connection vanishes completely loads of times a day. For example in last half hour it's vanished 7 times !! Im talking zero ... nothing works. I've attempted to fix the problem but nothing has helped. And this happens at any time of the day whether peak time or not .. saying that though plusnet tv ad says there's no dipping due to increase of users. If anyone cld advise me I would be greatful ... via live chat plusnet rep insinuated it was my own fault and the couple of telephone calls (reps were lovely) but no solution that has done any good. Tbh I'm counting days until contract up. Thank you
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Re: Im pulling my hair out !!

It is not clear from your post, what symptoms you are describing.  We could do with more information.


What are the lights on the Hub One doing during the moments you witness problems?

The main power light and the broadband 'b' light should always be blue in colour.  Any other colour usually indicates there is a problem.


Description of the lights can be found here:


Alternatively, description of the lights may be easier to find here. The Hub One supplied by Plusnet, is a rebadged 'Home Hub 5'


What type and how many devices are you using?

Are any of them wired direct to the Hub One, or are you using only wireless devices (phone, tablet)?

Is your hub plugged into BT master socket, or connected to a socket elsewhere in the property?

What type of master socket do you have?


If a Plusnet agent is reading this post, they may be able to retrieve and post the broadband line connection history for your account.