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IPv6 - what's the problem?

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Registered: 23-03-2015

IPv6 - what's the problem?


I have spent a little time recently researching IPv6, as I have an Apple router and related kit that supports it. I have successfully set up a tunnel, as I see that, from these boards and other sites, Plusnet doesn't seem at all interested in supporting it. Given the fact that both Plusnet's parent and competitors are rolling IPv6 out at a rate of knots (for instance see here), what is the problem? Is it that, for example, because BT is now the owner of the business, it sees Plusnet as a loss leader?

I do know, that although the service I've had for the last 18 months or so has been largely stable and problem-free, I will seriously have to consider taking my business elsewhere. That is, of course, unless Plusnet's parent is prepared to invest in upgrading infrastructure. For a start, how about allowing DNS AAAA lookups? Providing IPV6 capable routers as standard? IPv6 isn't just for end users who are prepared to put in the effort. Some of those folk are Plusnet customers and some, like me, will consider walking away as IPV6-only sites become the norm. What about those who will lose out because they just can't get to parts of the web?

Come on, it's time this issue was shifted up to top priority.