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IP seems to be blacklisted AGAIN

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IP seems to be blacklisted AGAIN

Looking for some advice here... I had an issue a week ago when trying to access certain websites (ikea, hmrc) where I was refused connection.  Proved it was IP based by connecting to the same website via a VPN and it all worked.

Spent over an hour to customer services to convince them to assign me a new static IP.  Problem went away for a week.

Now the minions in the family are complaining that they cant log into PS4 network and cannot access games.

Investigation shows that my new IP has been blocked again but now with sony.  Proved it by trying to login to the PS4 account using my public IP, refused.  Used the VPN and it went straight in...  Getting a little peeved with this.


Going to have to look at spending another hour or more of my day trying to get the IP address changed again.


Any advice out there about why it could have been blocked?  There are no email servers running on the network, no torrents.   There is a webserver hosting a simple site. It is only in the last 4  weeks that there have been issues and nothing in the network setup has changed for over 12 months.  Slightly baffled and wondering how I could prevent it from happening again.


Thanks in advance


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: IP seems to be blacklisted AGAIN

Sorry to hear this.

Unfortunately, in this case, we wouldn't be able to change the static IP address.

You'd need to contact PlayStation directly to find out the reason for the block

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team