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IP profile lowered

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Registered: ‎05-05-2015

IP profile lowered

Hi all,
I've been a fibre customer for almost 2 years, for all of that time i was enjoying speeds of 8.6MB/s (76 throughput i think) and a ping of 5
Recently, I began noticing download speeds maxing out at 7.2MB/s, I performed a speedtest and sure enough I'm now getting 65Mb. I went on the BT speed test and IP profile of 65 has been assigned. DLM has done nothing for a long time, after power cycling and the like.
I had explained this in the online chat with a plusnet rep and they told me to raise a fault, however I decided to check the forums and I'm seeing a lot of info about g.inp.

Would it be possible to check if my connection has had g.inp activated on it? If not, I would like to ask for an IP profile reset.
Thanks for any help
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Re: IP profile lowered

Ok lets start this off in the right way
1) What modem/router are you using ? can you post an image ?
2) do you know what fibre cabinet you connect to ? can you post an image
3) Are you able to obtain any line stats from current equipment in use ?
4) Roughly when did you notice the speed drop occur ? had the line previously been stable to that for a long period of time ?