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IP Profile again :(

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IP Profile again :(

Hello there
I am again requesting that my IP profile be reset after some time since it was last done.
I have 2 x VDSL lines, both coming from the same cabinet and come into the house on the same piece of wire (different pairs obviously).  My non-plusnet line is syncing at 61/16.  My PlusNet was sitting firm at 58 for a looong time now.
However, my PlusNet profile appears to have dropped today from 58 down to 54.2, and only 10 up.  BT wholesale checker reckons that my profile is at it's max at 54.2, which I know is rubbish as it was absolutely fine when it was running at 58, and the BT engineer who installed the PlusNet line all them years ago said that I had really good lines.
Your help is appreciated
Kindest regards,
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Re: IP Profile again :(

Good afternoon,
I have had a look at you account for you and you are synching at 56 down and 12.2 up and you profile is at 54.2 
So everything seems to be absolutely fine, you have had a little drop but your speeds are still in and above our suggested rates