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IP Profile Reset

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IP Profile Reset



I'm Dad and I have been asked to fix our Fibre Broadband. 

Hopefully I'm asking the correct thing:-

Could we have our Profile reset?

We go get a good speed (37mb) but my boys are forever cursing me for switching from BT. When they game on their PS4's they keep on getting kicked and disconnected. Last night my Son no. 2 was watching Netflix on his Mobile's G4 contract as he told me the new internet is no good, it keeps on buffering and stoping his Box Set watching on his PlusNet connection.


A few years ago when I was with BT after many help calls I was told out line was causing many packet errors. What they did was turn the speed down which improved the packet quality.

Hopefully you're not all laughing at my naivety and you can help me?






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Re: IP Profile Reset

Welcome to the forums.

Assuming you had fibre with BT, do you still have all the equipment from BT (the Home Hub and modem if applicable)? 

If so, try and set them up in place of the Plusnet device.

A guide to doing so is found here

This will help eliminate any issue caused by the Plusnet router.


Otherwise I suggest start working through the Fault Finding Guide which includes links to log a fault.

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Re: IP Profile Reset

No problem.


The BT equipment is now connected.


I should have some idea later this evening once the boys start gaming. If i hear service provider cursing from their rooms I'll know I need to do some more steps to resolve the issues.


Thanks for your help so far.....  

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Re: IP Profile Reset

Let us know how you get on now you've changed the equipment.

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