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I need urgent help

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Registered: ‎15-11-2016

I need urgent help

Like everyone else on these forums I'm getting packet loss between 1% and up to 33% which makes gaming and streaming near impossible. Why are plus net ignoring an obvious issue with their servers if everyone gets packet loss on fibre? I have done ping test multiple times and I am getting consistent packet loss regardless of what server I choose. Could someone help or shed light on the problem?

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Re: I need urgent help

I wouldn't bother, I have two complaints open with them. They only ignore anything you say and blame open reach or just don't reply.

I agree with you the issue is in their systems somewhere, never had any issues on other ISPs.


I'm just going to keep trying and trying then after 8 weeks you can take them to the Ombudsman where I'll have to request they cancel my broadband contract as its not fit for purpose.


Best thing is to get a complaint in nice and early. The earlier you complain the earlier you can escalate it and the earlier you might be able to leave.


The link to complain is


We'll do you proud eh?