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I need a reliable fast broadband service more than ever

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Registered: ‎27-07-2020

I need a reliable fast broadband service more than ever

I'm on the unlimited fibre package and should be getting up to 57mb down / 16mb up and if SpeedCheck is anything to go by it looks good.

The wifi coverage in the house is patchy (I have the plusnet router - long thin one sent a few months ago to help see if this helped) so I purchased a separate Netgear router and set that up over the weekend.  What a fantastic difference this made to consistently high speed and performance all around the house (compared to the plusnet router).

Yesterday we had a power blip in the house - tripped fuse - and after the broadband came back to life the performance was abysmal.  I had to bail on a conference call as it was just painfully slow and dropping the connection.  I have been working from home since March and I have never known the service to be that bad.  This morning it was proving bad still (by this time I had re-booted the DSL and Netgear routers) so I reverted back to the Plusnet router to get back to a stable known state (albeit with patchy wi-fi coverage!).  It is still bad and I had to call back a colleague on my mobile as voice and screen sharing was not performing well.  Again this is an unheard of experience in months of lockdown. 


Speedtest makes everything look peachy but the reality of the online experience - slow web browsing, slow online screen refresh etc. is frustrating.  There are two of us working from home and my other son comes home for Christmas at the end of the week.  He has a mountain of research to do for his dissertation over the Christmas holidays and I want a fast reliable service, preferably with the added benefit of the faster speed the Netgear router gave us for 2.5 days.  If you can help I would be very grateful - thank you in advance.