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I'm reporting a fault

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I'm reporting a fault

and I'm reporting it in here because chat is offline and my disability prevents me using the phone.

I'd prefer to email support, but most places don't allow that any more and plusnet seem to have followed suit.

My fibre broadband cuts out at least once a day. Sometimes for a few seconds and sometimes for over an hour. It was out on christmas eve from about 11.30 to 12.45

I've rebooted everything and yes it is plugged in etc.

Really I just want someone to check plusnet logs to see if the problem was your end as I suspect it was.

The username is [Removed].

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): Personal information removed from a public forum to an area that staff can see.




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Re: I'm reporting a fault

Follow link below to check/ report fault.

If you posted your router stats here, others may be able to help.