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Hub and multiple PS4's

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Hub and multiple PS4's

Weird stuff going on with the PlusNet Hub One router and one of my Playstation 4's on WiFi
When only this one PS4 was on, my normally 20Mbps/15Mbps fibre would slow down on every computer in the house, to 3.19Mbps/0.64Mbps with 125ms ping!
I tracked it down to this one PS4 and noticed it was getting a really bad Wifi signal so I plugged it in on a CAT5 wired cable and it fixed it.
The PS4 was saying the router was NAT Type 2 (Moderate security) and didn't support packet fragmentation. (I have uPnP disable on the router to improve security).
This PS4 was located in a home extension so the signal was traveling through a brick and breeze block external wall, so yeah that explain the PS4 having a slow internet...
...but the wierd thing is why would a slow Wifi signal on that one PS4 slow down the internet for every device in the whole house?
Is there a bug in the PlusNet Hub One router using up all it's CPU power when trying to maintain a bad Wifi connection? This could explain a lot of speed complaints!
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Re: Hub and multiple PS4's

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