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Hub One broadband username reset to

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Hub One broadband username reset to

This afternoon I lost connection to the internet via my Hub One router. I hadn't made and hardware of software change that might have caused the problem

No websites were available via any browser on any our 3 PCs/Laptops or 2 android phones. I was getting err-connection_reset on Chrome, and "the_connection_was_reset"  on Firefox when trying to access and website, these errors seemed to indicate a firewall issue. It wasn't. I closed down the firewalls and still got the same problem. I decided it was either a router problem or fault with my landline.

I checked all the pages and entries/values in the Hub One software. I did several software restart of the router, via Plusnet Hub One at, the router went orange and stayed orange with the "b" symbol for a while and eventually turned blue.

My PC Network & Internet Status (win10) showed "connected to the internet" but it wasn't, I still could not connect to any websites or internet service from any PC or Phone. WIn 10 Network & Internet Troubleshooter couldn't find any problem.

I went through the standard tests with my landline, microfilters, test sockets etc, and restarted the router again, still no joy.

Prior to logging a fault with Plusnet, I reverted to a 4G search on my phone to try and find a possible reason for the problem. I eventually found some mention of the Hub One Broadband Username of "" which rang a bell. I went back to Hub One software at checked Advanced Settings/ Broadband and my Broadband Username had indeed been changed to " ". I checked my original Plusnet Hub One documentenation booklet on page 11 where it says your Broadband Username should be your Account Username + "'" and the password your normal account password.  So I pressed the DISCONNECT button, which then allows you to re-enter your Broadband Username and Password and then press the CONNECT button, which then accepted my "" as the broadband username and that solved the problem.


I don't know why my Broadband Username had been reset  to "", perhaps someone could elucidate.


Although I managed to fix the problem myself, I'm posting here in case someone else gets the same problem, and it might save them the 3 hours or so that I spent fixing it. I hope this helps.


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Re: Hub One broadband username reset to


A factory reset should have restored your user name and password. It sounds as though there has been a gremlin attack and your router has/had lost being registered to your account.

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