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Hub One Firmware upgrade please

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Registered: ‎16-10-2018

Hub One Firmware upgrade please

For the attention of Bob Pullen:

Please could you upgrade our firmware version to .239 as we are still on .237.22 and experiencing dropout problems several times a day. I have been lead to believe that this should fix the problem? (The serial no. is +081441+NQ64111490) 

Does PlusNet have a better router available than the Hub one? (We have internal stone walls and struggle to get wifi at the other end of 1st floor in our cottage) If so how do I go about obtaining one? 

Does the BT Hub 6a genuinely work with PlusNet broadband and is it far superior to the PN Hub One? Should I be looking to get one of these instead or would a wifi extender work just as well with the PN Hub One instead? 

Many thanks for your assistance.