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Hub One Dropping Out

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Hub One Dropping Out



Our Wifi is dropping out almost on a weekly basis at the moment.  Its been like this on and off for about 4 months but has got worse in the last 2 months.  It can go a week without problem, and then drops out and connects back and continues like this for an hour or more.  Everytime I call Plusnet, I go through the same fault finding to bypass the front plate on the socket and also changing the frequency on the Router.  Changing the frequency sometimes seems to fix it but then a week later it happens again so I don't think that's the issue. 


We have Android tablets, phones, IOS devices and laptops and iMACs connected but generally not in use all the time.  I can be connected on my laptop via ethernet and can see the wifi dropping in and out hence I am coming to the conclusion that the Router has gone faulty,  I'm nearly at the end of my (tether) and contract and am now seriously thinking of going elsewhere.  In terms of speed I get around 70Mbps so when it works its fantastic but the lack of resolution to this ongoing issue is driving me away from you Plusnet.


Can anyone give me some useful advice on what the issue could be and what is worth trying?

Last time, the Plusnet tech support guy even suggested I get my own Router!





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Re: Hub One Dropping Out

Try turning off the 5GHz channel in the admin pages as that does solve some peoples issues that are like yours.

BE WARNED that I did this a while back and then i couldn't turn it back on again so you follow this advice at your own risk. That router had another fault and got sent back to plusnet so it may well have just been totally shot but it wouldn't be fare of me not to warn you.

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