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How soon is "soon"?

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How soon is "soon"?

Have been experiencing serious issues with upstream speeds over the last 2 weeks or so. Am on 80/20 Unlimited (FTTC trouble free for nearly 3 years) some distance from cabinet so speeds typically 50/16 and stable. Recently experienced upstream as low as 0.27Mbps but typically 4-5 Mbps with downstream normal.
Raises a 'Question' - OR engineer here last Friday - paste below last 2 ticket entries.

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1:05pm, Friday 14 Aug 2015
Question [ 108468202 ] is now off hold. Our Support Team will provide a further update soon.

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11:15am, Monday 17 Aug 2015
The OR engineer came as arranged Friday morning. He spent a considerable period of time checking the line both via the modem and direct to master socket. Synch speed were fine and he could find no problems.
Speed test results were 46 down 16 up - good.
On Saturday afternoon I was synching some Creative Cloud files - taking an age. Looked at router status - hadre-connected @ 10.00 speed 4.0 down 1.39. up !! IP address changed.
16.30 rebooted modem
This morning 17/08/2015 19.11 down 1.94 up IP address changed again router had reconnected Sunday 16/8 @ 10.30. At that time there were no computers in use (all switched off) - we were out for the day.
At 10.45 connection was lost restored 10.50 speed now 41.5 down 2.2 down.
I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the problem is nothing to do with my line but rather PlusNet's infrastructure/systems. It looks as though I am being capped at the 'New' rate of 80/2. I have been with PlusNet now for more than 7 years and on FTTC for nearly 3. Trouble free until now - please fix this urgently or I will start looking elsewhere.