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How does this TBB ping graph look?

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How does this TBB ping graph look?

Hi folks,


I started a TBB ping monitor yesterday for someone else that I know is with PN, with the following results:





There is a lot of yellow on their graph, which is very different from my own, which looks like:





They have not said they have had any issues with the internet (doesn't mean they've not, just not told me about any), and this might be acceptable normal behaviour but just very different.


Should they have any concerns?

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Re: How does this TBB ping graph look?


The charts will be different for every gateway  (gateways are where you connect to the Plusnet network). Are you both on the same gateway or even same data centre ?

The increase in latency is probably due to the gateway your friend is connected through. It is more congested. My TBB chart shows higher latency at certain data centres and gateways.