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House moves never work properly

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House moves never work properly

What's the deal with that? I've moved twice, and both times PlusNet has set me up with a standard fibre connection (38Mb/s, 2Mb/s) rather than the fibre extra I'm paying for (76Mb/s, 20Mb/s). I still pay for the better plan despite the reduced service, and both times I've had to tell customer support to put me on the right plan again. Is there a secret handshake I need to do to get this to work first time? First time I'd call it an oversight, now that it's happened again a year later I'm suspecting some systemic problem.
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Re: House moves never work properly

Hi there,


When I looked at your account I noticed that although the package was correctly set, the supplier product recorded on our side (this is the product we should be ordering your service on to) was set wrong. I've fixed this so hopefully moving forward this won't happen again.

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 Chris Parr
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