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House Move new house has no BT master socket

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House Move new house has no BT master socket

Today I took a day off work as the customer support team told me an engineer would be here to fit my new socket and give me a new router and connect me back up in my new address. After 7 hours waiting I rang and they said I wouldn't get a technician and I would have to use my old router and I would be connected today. The thing is my new flat doesn't have an updated socket and the engineer at my old place took my only Adsl adapter with him saying I don't need it. So now I have no internet still and I am down a days wages from work for nothing. Phoning customer support is useless and last time when I finally go through he gave me this information that I would have a technician etc.
So now I don't know what to do and I have no internet?
Any help would be appreciated as this is stressing me out now, like moving house wasn't enough stress.
I have attched a photo showing the said router etc. and socket.
Thanks for any replies,
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Re: House Move new house has no BT master socket

Well you need the micro filter if you're going to plug in your router.

I would consider replacing the socket with the new MK3 socket kit available on ebay, with that you wont need the filter. If you can't get Plusnet to get an engineer to do it for you then that is your only option.


Mine was a self install and I decided to replace my old socket.


If you need help on the wiring have a look here:


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Re: House Move new house has no BT master socket

While some people have indeed fitted a modern master socket themselves, it is illegal for anyone other than an Openreach engineer to fit one. If you mess it up you could be liable prosecution and / or have to pay a fine.


You should also know that from a safety point of view the BT pair coming into your house carries a live electrical current supply, not enough to do you any serious damage but enough to give you a jolt if you don't know what you are doing.


Its not unknown for Openreach to charge for replacing an old style socket with the latest, which the ISP may choose to pass on to you. Historically these charges haven't been particularly cheap which is why some people have attempted a DIY solution.


If you have a line fault, crackling, high noise, slow broadband etc... then Openreach may replace the socket for free as they did for me at my old house when water got into the cable from the pole to the house.

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Re: House Move new house has no BT master socket

I'm not sure if it's still actually illegal. Anyway in my experience, if I don't have the modern type of master socket, then they'd just blame my wiring, try to charge me for that, and of course not fit a new one if at all possible, then it'll be easier to blame my wiring next time.

Anyway, despite the unusual logo, it looks like a Mk3 SSFP could be fitted to that master socket, although you'd still need to buy one, so the master socket itself wouldn't need replacing.